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Training & Assessment

For those who wish to participate in the field of vocational education. It is the standard qualification employers of trainers and workplace assessors are seeking.

Nationally recognised Courses we deliver in the Retail Industry include:

  • •Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The course covers the national competency based training and assessment system and provides practice and theory in the delivery of training and assessment services. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has four main streams

Environment. Covers the training environment requirements as far as OHS, Inclusive learning as well as an understanding of the Vocational Training Sector

  • •Design. What is involved in designing a training program
  • •Delivery. What makes a good presenter
  • •Assessment. Why deliver training if you are not going to make an assessment to ensure that skills have been achieved.

At BJ’s we offer flexible delivery arrangements for this course. The course may be delivered in a classroom environment, at a suitable workplace venue or through our e-learning program.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
You may have acquired competence in one or more of the units in this course through other qualifications, work or life experiences. If you can produce the specific evidence required, Bj’s provides a service to assess the evidence necessary to prove your competence. Please contact Bj’s to discuss your suitability for this approach.