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BJ’s offer a range of nationally recognised training solutions for people working in or trying to secure employment in the hospitality industry.

Nationally recognised Certificate Courses

We offer the following nationally recognised certificate courses

  • •Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations)
  • •Certificate II in Hospitality ( Kitchen Operations)
  • •Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations)

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

We deliver Responsible Service of Alcohol throughout South Australia and Northern Territory. If you’re thinking about working in the hospitality industry in a role that sells, serves or supplies alcohol then you will need to complete this course. The course covers:

  • •Legislative requirements
  • •Standard drink sizes
  • •Preventing intoxication
  • •Identifying persons to whom service may be refused
  • •Barring Orders
  • •The effect alcohol has on the body

Click here to sign up for RSA online.

Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG)

Successful completion of an RCG course ensures you will be able to work within a gambling environment in Australia. BJ’s offer this course throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory. The course covers:

  • •Legislative requirements
  • •Payouts
  • •Code of Practice
  • •Problem gamblers
  • •Barred patrons
  • •Mandatory signage
  • •Cash clearances

If you’re working within a gambling environment then RCG training course is a must. Check out our RCG training schedule and book into a course.

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