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Code of Practice/Fees and Charges

BJ Network Consulting Australia have policies and management practices that maintain high professional standards in the delivery of education, training and assessment services, and which safeguard the interests and welfare of clients. Client details are maintained with the strictest confidentiality.


Access and Equity

  • We are committed to principles of access and equity and will not unlawfully discriminate against clients. The obligations we place on our staff and students are to protect their health, safety and welfare and ensure as far as possible that learning experiences are positive and free of discrimination and harassment
  • We will deal fairly and constructively with concerns and complaints about our services
  • Our policies and procedures ensure that you are treated fairly and receive all reasonable assistance to successfully complete your course once accepted for enrolment

Client rights

  • Our marketing and advertising to prospective clients is ethical and accurate
  • Clients see information before enrolment of all the costs and charges involved in the training program
  • BJ’s has fair refund policies that are documented and provided to each client prior to enrolment. In the event that our Registered Training Organisation is not able to fulfill its obligations to you we have measures in place to ensure a refund is arranged
  • Academic, financial and other records are maintained in a complete and accurate manner. These records are managed to maintain confidentially and will not be divulged to third parties unless authorised
  • Clients may view/access their own records to confirm accuracy and completeness

Industry Engagement

  • BJ’s regularly engage with relevant industry representatives to evaluate training and assessment services. This ensures that graduates have the required skills and knowledge to the standard of performance in the workplace
  • Training and assessment staff continuously engage with industry to ensure their knowledge and skills reflect the current industry practice
  • Training and assessment strategies are developed in consultation with industry to ensure that they are relevant to industry needs. Where training or assessment occurs in a workplace, evidence of your performance is required in the workplace

Quality Assurance

  • BJ’s is committed to continuously improving the services it offers and will seek feedback from clients in relation to services received
  • BJ Network Consulting Australia is a Registered Training Organisation under the Training and Skills Development Act 2008. Our operations comply with the legislation and the Australian Quality Training Framework standards that are to be met by each RTO
  • BJ’s Australia issue’s qualifications and Statements of Attainment to students who meet the required outcomes of a qualification or unit of competency, in accordance with AQTF implementation handbook

Northern Territory Students.

Training for Northern Territory residents for certificate III and above may be entitled to government funded training if they meet they requirements under the Northern Territory Training Entitlement program. For eligibility requirements visit the NT Government website

Fees and Charges for Western Australia Students. 

Jobs & Skills WA have a broad range of government subsided places in various courses in Western Australia.

Its a new way to ensure more people are better equipped with the skills WA needs.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for a training place if you have left school and you are:

  • an Australian citizen; or
  • a permanent visa holder; or
  • a holder of visa subclass 309, 444, 820 or 826; or
  • a dependent or spouse of the primary holder of a visa subclass 457; and
  • must be at least 15 years old;
  • If under 18 years of age, you must have a Department of Education (DoE) Notice of Arrangement (please contact our office for further information regarding this requirement).
Under Jobs & Skills WA:
  • There is no upper age limit
  • There are no restrictions based on your previous level of awarded qualification: however you will need to meet any course entry requirements.
How many courses can an eligible individual do?
There are no restrictions on the number of qualifications that an individual student can undertake. However, approval must be sought for students engaging in more then one qualification at the same time prior to training taking place.
Students in all equity groups, but not jobseekers; may on completion of one qualification; enrol in a second qualification at the same or a higher level. Students who fail to complete one qualification may enrol in a second qualification with the prior approval via BJ Network Consulting Australia.
Students are eligible to undertake no more then two VET qualifications at the same level, and Students who progress to third VET qualification must be enrolled in a higher level qualification, than those qualifications completed.
Proof of eligibility
For proof of eligibility you will need to provide prior to the commencement of training, evidence of citizenship or residency. Evidence could include:
  • an Australian birth certificate; or
  • a current Australian passport; or
  • a current New Zealand passport; or
  • a Naturalisation certificate; or
  • a green Medicare card.
How much will I pay?
Certificate II in Rural Operations AHC21216
Nominal Hours 480
Hourly Rate $4.88
Total $2225.28

Certificate III in Rural Operations AHC32816
Nominal Hours 480
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $2342.40

Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316
Nominal Hours 355
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $1732.40

Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616
Nominal Hours 570
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $2781.60

Certificate II in Agriculture AHC20116
Nominal Hours 498
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $2430.24

Certificate III in Agriculture AHC30116
Nominal Hours 526
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $2566.88

Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation AUR10116
Nominal Hours 140
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $683.20

Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation AUR20716
Nominal Hours 240
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $1171.20

Certificate III in Business BSB30115
Nominal Hours 420
Hourly rate $4.88
Total $2049.60

Please note: The student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student services and resource fees.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is calculated on the basis of the course nominal hours for each unit. Nominal hours and fee rates are determined by the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD).

These hours include a wide range of delivery and assessment activities and may not always be used for classroom teaching. The course fee is the sum of fees for all units you are enrolled in.
Resource Fee

The resource fee covers the materials used as a part of a unit. Resource fee costs vary from unit to unit depending on the content of the qualification. Some qualifications such as art and design, fashion, and photography incur high resource fees.

Each course page gives an indication of the resource fee on the fees tab, however you will only find out the exact amount you need to pay when you enrol.
Additional Fees

There may be additional costs that you will pay during the course to cover items such as textbooks or uniforms.
Other Possible Fees
Skills Recognition

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) involves the assessment of previously unrecognised skills and knowledge an individual has achieved outside the formal education and training system in respect of a specific unit. RPL is an assessment process that assesses the individual’s non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual has achieved these required learning outcomes or competency outcomes.

Students enrolling in RPL will pay the same fee as the course fee.
Credit Transfer

The transfer of credit provides the student with exemption(s) from relevant unit(s) within a course. Credit transfer does not involve an assessment of the student’s knowledge or skills — it is an assessment of the credentials of the formal accredited learning presented against the destination course to determine the extent to which it is equivalent to the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards in a course. Students are not charged for credit transfer.

Students may be granted credit for the completion of formal accredited learning with a school, university or RTO.
Enrolling for Assessment Only

Students enrolling for examination or assessment only, may be required to pay an assessment entry charge of $20.00 per unit. No other fees apply.

Students who have already paid the maximum course fee for the semester are not required to pay this charge.
Payment of Fees and Charges

Enrolment is not complete until statutory and RTO based fees and charges are paid, deferred payment arrangements have been made or fees and charges have been waived.
Payment Options

Apprentices and trainees are to be treated the same as other students and are legally liable to pay fees.
On enrolment, students will take up one of the following payment options:

Pay the full amount of fees and charges;
Present a signed authority from an employer to invoice that employer for the student’s fees and charges;
Pay fee by instalment;
The acceptance by the provider of the student’s intent to defer payment and their eligibility to do so under the Commonwealth Government’s VET FEE- HELP program;
Pay part of the full amount of fee and charges and defer payment of the other part under the Commonwealth Government’s VET FEE-HELP program;
Make application on the grounds of severe financial hardship for fees and charges to be waived; or

For students who have fallen behind in their instalments during the previous semester, the Institute may work out with the student an appropriate arrangement to pay the amount outstanding, plus the fees and charges for the next semester. If this can be arranged, the student may be enrolled.
Students who fail to take up one of the above options must not be enrolled.
Payment Methods

Payment by Instalment

Students are given a minimum of eight weeks from the commencement of semester to finalise payment, which may include payment by instalments.
Direct Debit Payment Plans

Payment options may be available for those who cannot pay the full fee cost up-front and the total enrolment fee is greater than $100. Please enquire at the time of enrolment. All payment plans are paid via direct debit. When enrolling you will need to provide your bank account details of the account to be debited.

To commence a payment plan (direct debit), a minimum deposit of $100 is required to confirm your enrolment.
Concessions for Vocational Courses

The following students are entitled to concession rates on course fees:

Persons and dependants of persons holding:
A Pensioner Concession Card.
A Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
A Health Care Card.
Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY.
Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of the Youth Allowance.
Persons who are inmates of a custodial institution.
Persons who are secondary school aged (in 2015 these students will be born on or after 1 July 1997 and must be at least 15 years old)

Proof of eligibility for concession must be shown prior to the commencement of the unit. For online or self-enrolments where a concession is claimed, proof of concession checks will be carried out.

Full-time students may be eligible for a government allowance and should contact Centrelink to discuss their individual circumstances.

Requests for refunds must be lodged within two weeks of the official withdrawal date.
Full Refunds

Students who withdraw are entitled to a full refund of fees and charges where:

A course/qualification or unit is cancelled or re-scheduled to a time unsuitable to the student; or
A student is not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached.

Part Refunds

Students who withdraw for reasons other than those outlined above, and who lodge a withdrawal form before 20% of delivery has been concluded will be eligible for a full refund of their course fee, and:

Outstanding Debt

All outstanding debts with BJ Network Consulting Australia must be paid in full prior to any enrolment being processed.

In the case of severe financial hardship, you may negotiate a payment plan agreement for your outstanding debt prior to enrolling in any future courses.
What Happens If You Don’t Pay

Exclusion from Class
Refusal of enrolment for the next semester

Advice of Withdrawal

Students are advised that written advice of withdrawal is necessary to ensure that: they are eligible for refunds; or they do not incur a liability under the Commonwealth Government’s VET FEE-HELP program.

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