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Course Overviews

Code of Practice

Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation AUR10116

Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation AUR20716

Certificate II in Cleaning Operations CPP20617

Certificate III in Cleaning Operations CPP30316

Certificate IV in Cleaning Management CPP40416

Certificate II in Business BSB20115

Certificate III in Business BSB30115

Certificate IV in Business Administration BSB40515

Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316

Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616

Certificate II in Retail Services SIR20216

Certificate III in Retail SIR30216

Certificate II in Warehousing Operations TLI21616

Certificate III in Warehousing Operations TLI31616

Certificate II in Rural Operations AHC21216

Certificate III in Rural Operations AHC32816

Certificate II in Agriculture AHC20116

Certificate III in Agriculture AHC30116

BJ Network Consulting Australia RTO 40120